18th Nov 2007: Apart from a few minor updates, this is the first major addition to the cave:

The sockels pages have been updated with info found in the Schleich 1981 catalogue. The "Other Sockels" page now has pics from quite a few Schleich catalogues.

You can now also find some info about fake sockels here

25th June 2007: After a very very long delay, here we are: The Dragon's Cave is now live!

There are some very good sites (check out the links) about the normal Smurfs and the Super Smurfs Collections. This site is best used in conjunctions with these other sites to check complete collections.

At this time I intend to focus on Kinders, Sockels, Comics... I plan to add some more pages about less well known Smurfs such as Italian Footies and so on...

I am also a big fan of the comics and I intend to put here as much info as I possibly can about them.

Some of you who may know that I am always unhappy about the lack of "real" information available to Smurf collectors.

There has been many attempts to make various catalogues about the little blue men figurines but they are often backed up by a well known reseller. It often raises big concerns about the accuracy and reliability of the information provided.

Particularly when, suddenly, new "variations" appear, never seen before, and obviously with a very heavy price tag associated with them.

However some of these books become the "bible" that everybody uses for reference at comic festivals and fairs alike. It always makes me cringe when being asked the price of an item, a seller has to open the DSK to answer.

Newbies are often faced to pay high price for some items simply because they have no other sources of information.

The price or the worth of an item can be very difficult to assess, I agree. But always remember: The real price is how much, YOU, the buyer are ready to pay for it at the time of purchase.

It's worth? Only as much cash other collectors are ready to put down on the table for the same item at the same time.

Now often we don't like paying top price for an item, unless we really want it and it is in perfect conditions. However we always like to think that our collections are worth more than what we paid for it. It's a constant dilemma.

So how do you go about finding out the real price of an item? There is no easy answer: Do your homework, compare, go around the tables at the various festivals/fairs. Check out eBay: It will teach you how to recognise the shill bidders and the real auctions with genuine buyers and sellers.

For my part, I do hope to help you spot the fakes either on eBay or at the tables.
This is an area where I will constantly be adding more information about how to spot them.
(by Fakes I mean, pure creations by some sellers, I am not referring to Comic Non Toxico or any series of non-licensed items).

Please browse the site. All comments and suggestions welcomed. If you spot any mistakes, please tell me.

So here we go.

Welcome to the Cave!

PS: Some secrets of the cave are better kept than others and I cannot be held responsible for any injuries, including burnt body parts: There are Dragons sleeping in here you know...